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We currently own a Williams Earthshaker and a Stern Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machines.  Earthshaker was manufactured in 1989.  Pirates of the Caribbean was manufactured in 2006.  We purchased Earthshaker used from the Rec Room.  We purchased Pirates of the Caribbean new, also from the Rec Room.  In addition to the pinball machines, we also own a full size dart board and a slot machine.  The follow links include more information, including operations manuals. - Site to find new and used games

Earthshaker Pinball Machine


Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball Machine

Pub Time II Plus 2 Dart Board


Yamasa Wai Pulsar Slot Machine



In the past, most pinball machines were manufactured by either the Williams Company or Bally.  Below is a link to the only company who continues to manufacture pinball machines.

Stern games that are of interest to our family



Miscellaneous Information

Williams Earthshaker Paint Colors

Possibly better suited to the the lighter proto cabinet, or to a more faded original cabinet:

  • Blue: Lowes Brand - Valspar 
    Base - B 4-44986 
    Color - 107 Quantity - 0 Y 3.5/48 
    Color - 102 Quantity - 1 Y 24.0/48 
    Color - 113 Quantity - 0 Y 6.5/48 
    Color - 115 Quantity - 1 Y 13.0/48 
"Perfect match" for original paint around backbox; slightly off from (somewhat faded) original decals (Ed on RGP):
  • Blue: Lowes Brand - Valspar Satin (1/2 pint) 
    Base: 4-94101 

Williams Earthshaker Cabinet Decals

ROM Programming



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